The Infinitely Bad Sneeze

You're in an airport, about to go through the security line. You sneeze, which delays you by two seconds. It doesn't just delay you by two seconds, though; it also delays everyone waiting in line behind you. And everyone who will show up while the people currently in line haven't gone through yet. In fact, if you assume that the queue is never empty, which even at 3 in the morning is true for the major airlines, we're talking about arbitrarily large quantities of wasted time.

Conclusion: we should taser anyone who even threatens to slow down the line by a noticable amount.

EDIT: Hi MR readers! Um, this place is less about the dense political/economic commentary and more about my random thoughts/experiences, but feel free to stick around. I'm curious to see what people think of this and this.

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Zach said...

I've also thought something similar regarding those people who stall at traffic lights. If one person in the queue is slow to accelerate through a light once it has turned green, then everyone behind that person is more likely to have to sit through another cycle as are the people who continually join the queue.